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2018 Executive Director Remarks: Madison County Business League & Foundation!

The Madison County Business League & Foundation (MCBL&F) reaches a major milestone in 2018! From its creation by the Madison County Board of Supervisors and the Madison County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) in 2008, the MCBL&F has strengthened into a strong voice for the Madison County business community. With a membership of influential chief executive leaders, the MCBL&F has made tremendous contributions to the support of economic development in our County. Our efforts are designed to share in-depth information with our members through networking opportunities, and aid in MCEDA’s efforts to attract new jobs.  Read More

Joel Bomgar: Legislative Update - Week 3

Friends, this week, the Mississippi House of Representatives considered a bill which updates the state’s education funding formula. Read More

Joel Bomgar: Legislative Update - Week 2

Friends, it was a short second week in the Mississippi Legislature. The House adjourned on Thursday afternoon, after passing another bill that diverts tax dollars from the state back to cities and counties for road and bridge repair. These measures provide funding for local infrastructure without raising taxes.  Read More

Session Outlook

Sen. Michel’s 2018 agenda focusing on bills to improve cities and counties  Read More

Reunion Parkway Phase 2

Bozeman Road to Parkway East, Madison County, Mississippi. Residential and commercial development continues to boom in the area north of Madison, MS and south of Canton known as Gluckstadt. Area roads consisting of MS 463, Gluckstadt Road and Bozeman Road are highly congested and over capacity during peak traffic periods in both the mornings and evenings. A recent traffic study completed on behalf of the Madison County Board of Supervisors showed east-west traffic is growing at an annual rate of 6%.  Read More

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