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Gregg Harper: Week in Review

Dear Friend, we've just completed another week in our nation’s Capital, and it was a busy one to say the least. I want to share with you some highlights from the week, including a few legislative updates, as well as some pictures that I think you will enjoy: Read More

Northpark Mall Upcoming Renovations

The Madison County Business League & Foundation congratulates Northpark Mall and Pacific Retail Capital Partners on the upcoming major renovations to the 34 year old mall. Northpark’s continued success is vital to the economy of Ridgeland and Madison County. Thank you for making this investment in the quality of life for our community! Read More

Legislature Adjourns Thursday to Save Tax Dollars

Friends, the Mississippi House of Representatives adjourned for the week today in an effort to save taxpayers over $30,000 by not meeting tomorrow. By meeting for fewer days, the House and Senate can save the state money and also offset any costs incurred by special sessions that may need to be called later in the year.  Read More

Madison County Highlights

Original song, “Mississippi Beautiful,” written and performed by Nissan’s Pam Confer at the annual League & Legislature luncheon on February 21, 2018, at the Old capitol Inn in Jackson, MS. Governor Phil Bryant was the keynote speaker. The video was produced by Amile Clark Wilson for the Madison County Business League & Foundation featuring highlights of Madison County! Read More

Your Weekly Legislative Update

Friends, this week the Mississippi Legislature worked to consider bills that originated in the other chamber. The House met in committees to discuss Senate bills before Tuesday’s deadline. Dozens of bills died in committee on this deadline.  Read More

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