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MCBL Visits Washington

Representatives of the Madison County Business League recently traveled to Washington with the Madison County Board of Supervisors and the Madison County Economic Development Authority to meet with members of the Mississippi Congressional delegation. Those traveling on behalf of the Business League were Directors Calvin Harris, Dick Hutchinson, Lanny Slaughter, and Executive Director Jan Collins. MCEDA Executive Director Tim Coursey and Mitch Stringer along with board members Harris, Hutchinson and Slaughter also represented MCEDA. Read More

Business League offering one voice for county

The Madison County Business League (MCBL) was formed to bring together, under one organization, the voice of numerous entities throughout Madison County in order to establish a clear, concise message for the future. Certainly there are many questions that surround MCBL, so it seems that a brief Q&A would be beneficial to introduce the MCBL to the public. Read More

Info aims to attract Tulane

In a survey now out in the community, Madison officials hope to learn if local residents are: a) Interested in taking college level courses b) Apt to attend part-time classes c) Keen on college-level enrichment courses d) Very likely or likely or somewhat likely or not likely to attend a local branch of Tulane University. Read More

Business League hosts Fall Forum

The Madison County Business League hosted its first event, a Fall Forum reception on Thursday, September 17 at the Jackson Yacht Club. More than 125 members, elected and appointed officials and guests attended the event. Read More

Meena to speak at Fall Forum

Policy makers and the private sector are coming together to bolster economic development through the new Madison County Business League. Read More

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