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In the News...

Leadership Madison County Government Day!

The 2017-18 Leadership Madison County (LMC) Class visited with Governor Phil Bryant during their tour of the Governor's Mansion on Government Day. The class also met with Representative Cory Wilson in the chamber of the House of Representatives . Other events on Government Day included a Madison County Mayors Breakfast, a tour of the MS State Capitol, visits with other state wide elected officials, legislators and county wide elected officials. LMC Government Day chairman was Jan Collins. The LMC program is sponsored by the Madison County Chamber of Commerce. Read More

Mississippi House Passes Dozens of Bills On Deadline

Friends, your Mississippi House of Representatives spent most of this week debating and voting on legislation. Thursday was the deadline for the House and Senate to vote on bills originating in that chamber.  Read More

Updated: Spring 2018 Calendar of Events

Madison County Business League & Foundation Spring 2018 Calendar of Events: Read More

CEO Awards of Mississippi 2018

The Madison County Business League & Foundation congratulates its members who received the 2018 Mississippi Business Journal’s CEO Awards! Read More

Joel Bomgar: January Update from Your Legislature

Friends, this Tuesday marked a major deadline in the legislature. All bills that were not passed by committee on Tuesday were declared dead for this session. The majority of bills introduced died this week. You can view the list of all bills that survived here.  Read More

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