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Updated county/city/town economic profiles now available

These profiles can be found at and the latest updates can be found in the following sectors:

  • General Economic Profiles (county basis)
  • Health Economics Profiles (county basis)
  • Retail Profile (county basis)
  • Retail Sales Profile (city/town basis)
  • Retail Analysis Profile (city/town basis)

In addition, the Poverty and Well-being profiles have been updated and are in the process of being reviewed. They should be posted on this website in the next few weeks and I’ll send another note when they are available.

In addition to the profiles, you will see a presentation file included with the county basis profiles. We have had several requests from various economic developers and technical assistance providers for a county-based presentation that can be used in a chamber presentation, webinar format, etc. These presentations are in pdf format and I suggest that you present the file in “Full Screen Mode” in Acrobat Reader or a similar program. This type of presentation would closely replicate a PowerPoint presentation.


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