PRESS RELEASE: Madison County Entrepreneurship Committee Launches New Resource Webpage



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Madison County Entrepreneurship Committee Launches New Resource Webpage

Madison County, MS – September 26, 2019– Are you in an entrepreneurship state of mind? The Entrepreneurship Committee of the Madison County
Business League and Foundation, together with Madison County Economic Development Authority are pleased to announce the launch of our new webpage
aimed at helping Madison County citizens learn more about entrepreneurship and the resources available to them. Whether you are running a business or a household, pursuing a new business or expanding a current business – having an entrepreneurship state of
mind means thinking about how you can do, whatever you do, wherever you are, in a more creative, productive and efficient way. Please check out
our new webpage to see what’s already happening in Madison County, and learn how you can embrace the entrepreneurship state of mind.

The mission of the Madison County Entrepreneurship Committee is to inspire and support citizens in their pursuit of new business ventures by offering networking opportunities to encourage the sharing of ideas and information, and educational events focused on developing the skills necessary to build and run sustainable businesses.

As the leader of economic development for Madison County, MCEDA’s mission is to encourage the growth of the county’s existing business and industry, attract new investment and higher-paying jobs, and to increase Madison County’s competitiveness leading to a diverse, vibrant economy benefitting all the county’s citizens.

The Madison County Business League & Foundation was created in 2008 by the Madison County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) and the Madison County Board of Supervisors as a 501©6 nonpartisan economic development support organization which connects chief executive leadership with elected officials, on all levels, to promote economic planning and development.