2018 Executive Director Remarks: Madison County Business League & Foundation!

Madison County Business League & Foundation (MCBL&F) reaches a major milestone in 2018! From its creation by the Madison County Board of Supervisors
and the Madison County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) in 2008, the MCBL&F has strengthened into a strong voice for the Madison County business
community. With a membership of influential chief executive leaders, the MCBL&F has made tremendous contributions to the support of economic development
in our County. Our efforts are designed to share in-depth information with our members through networking opportunities, and aid in MCEDA’s efforts
to attract new jobs.

The lists of accomplishments are numerous. On my first day as executive director in April 2009, I had one computer and 6 committed members. Since that
first day, the MCBL&F has hosted over 300 events uniting our business leaders and elected officials to make the necessary connections to develop
relationships in order to advocate for policies addressing specific concerns which impact infrastructure, education, healthcare and quality of life.
The MCBL&F grew stronger with the seamless merger of the Madison County Foundation in 2014, which enabled the formation of the Madison County Community
Trust (MCCT). Partnering with MCEDA and the Madison County Board of Supervisors, the MCBL&F helped facilitate and implement a 10 year Madison County
strategic plan, conference center feasibility studies, engage the IHL and universities to provide economic development data, and support the county’s
legislative priorities with annual legislative agendas.

The Madison County Business League & Foundation organized committees to involve members in timely topics of interest and projects that impact our county:
Government Affairs, Education, Transportation, Health/Wellness and Entrepreneurship. Recognizing the need to provide professional development and networking
opportunities for our young professionals, the board of directors established the Madison County Young Professional Committee. To avoid the brain drain
of talent, the Madison County Youth Leadership program created in 2011 has graduated 234 of the best and brightest juniors from our public, private
and parochial schools; exposing them to the many diverse careers available in Madison County. Upon completion of the program, the MCBL&F and MCCT
proudly present each of these graduates with $250.00 scholarships.

As you can see, there has been a lot of change in our organization over the past 10 years. I believe we have well positioned ourselves for the future.
In order to continue this growth and keep engaged with the business needs, the MCBL&F will continue to find ways to update and provide benefits
for our members and identify potential new members to strengthen our sphere of influence. In addition, I believe it is critical that we continue to
grow by engaging our young professionals.

I am honored to serve as your executive director and encourage and welcome communication with you, our members, and elected officials. Thank you for your
support and participation. I hope that you will join me and the leadership of MCBL&F in helping MCEDA to promote the growth of our existing businesses
and create an environment that attracts new industry so that we can continue the prosperous business climate and quality of life we so enjoy in Madison

One vision, one voice,