2021 will bring tremendous opportunity to the region with the ramp up of the Amazon Robotic Fulfillment Center in Canton. While the facility is well underway
with construction, the Amazon team is already planning for the hiring process.

MCEDA continues to maintain communication with Amazon regarding their hiring process, which is still several months from initiation. Here is some high
level information you may find helpful.


  • They will hire in “waves” focusing on 300-400 associates per hiring initiative
  • Over 90% of the jobs will be packing and sorting
  • Amazon begins hiring 6-8 weeks prior to the start of production
  • They are targeting September 2021 as their start date in time for the Christmas season next year
  • Amazon has in-house training to prepare their associates
  • There will be information sessions this coming summer to help inform the public of what it is like to work at Amazon

Many of our members have requested information about contacting Amazon. The procurement email address is