Attorney General Lynn Fitch Newsletter – Volume 11

COVID-19 – China Must Be Held Accountable

We have reached more than one million cases of Coronavirus in this country. Nearly 57,000 Americans have died. The White House reports that unemployment
could reach 16% as a result of this pandemic.


We know that China’s malicious cover-up, silencing doctors, journalists, and whistleblowers, led to this suffering. Their deceit kept us, as a
nation, from making the necessary preparations to reduce the impact of this. My team and I are doing our part to bring them to justice. We’re
preparing a lawsuit on behalf of the State of Mississippi against China. We must ensure that the people get justice for the lives and jobs
lost as a result of their bad acts.


The impact of COVID-19 has altered the American way of life, and the impact will be felt for years, as families, businesses, and governments struggle
to rebuild. China cannot be allowed to act with impunity. We will hold them accountable.


Over the weekend, I joined the crew of “FOX and Friends” to discuss our lawsuit. To view the entire interview, click here.

Crime Victims – Know Your Rights

Last week, the Attorney General’s Office observed our state’s and nation’s Crime Victims’ Rights Week. President Trump marks this week each year
as a time to recognize those who devote their lives to supporting and empowering victims and survivors of crime.


According to the most recent National Crime Victimization Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 3.3 million Americans age, 12
or older were victims of violent crime in 2018.


We should all consider the physical, mental, and emotional impact a criminal act has on its victim, and be a part of the community that helps restore
hope to that person in the aftermath.


The Mississippi Constitution was amended in 1998 to provide for the fair treatment of crime victims within the state in the criminal justice process.
My Bureau of Victims Assistance administers the State’s Victims Compensation Fund and employs advocates to help victims of crime and their
families access the support and resources they need.


To help inform the public about the law and protections that the Mississippi Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights provides, the dedicated public servants
of the Attorney General’s Office and I put together this video.


Click the box below to view the entire video.

More Economic Relief on the way for Small Businesses

Last Friday, President Trump signed another economic support bill aimed at small business owners. This particular package is worth $484 billion
and includes the following:


  • Adds another $310 billion to replenish the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the small business loans;
  • Authorizes another $10 billion for the Economic Injury Disaster Loans;
  • Adds $75 billion for hospitals and health care providers to respond to COVID-19;
  • Adds another $36 billion for testing development and deployment; and
  • Appropriates another $1 billion to cover the costs of testing for the uninsured.







I applaud the President for his steadfast commitment to supporting the American people and the small businesses that are the backbone of our economy.