Attorney General Lynn Fitch Newsletter – Volume 17

ADT Supports Mississippi First Responders

On July 8th, ADT, a leading security and automation provider serving residential and business customers, presented First Responders of Mississippi
with a $5,000 check to support their work helping first responders with their agency and personal needs. The funding is part of a $1-million
national commitment through the ADT Always Cares program, which gives funds to nonprofits where ADT employees live and work.


As a member of the Board for First Responders of Mississippi, I was pleased to be there for the check presentation at the ADT offices in Pearl.
If you are a first responder and your agency needs financial assistance or you need help yourself, please visit
Our first responders are there when we need them and we should be there when they need us, too.

AGO Spotlight

Prosecutor & Law Enforcement Training Division


We have spent the past several months restructuring the Attorney General’s Office to better serve the State. To give you more insight into the roles
and functions of this office and its 18 divisions, we’ve started a series called ‘AGO Spotlight.’


The first division we will highlight is Prosecutor and Law Enforcement Training. This division is led by Cammie Wyatt, and it coordinates and conducts
training for prosecutors, law enforcement officers, judges, and other partners in the criminal justice system. You can view the video below and
can share the video by going to this link.

New Features to the Attorney General Website

I am pleased to share some updates to my office’s website,


Our Opinions and Policy Division page has easily accessible information about opinions, interlocal agreements, public records requests, and gun
complaints (left). With just a couple of clicks, you can find or request an opinion, read our procedures for requesting approval of an interlocal
agreement, or fill out a public records request.


You will also find it easy to contact each of our 18 divisions and various programs. From filing a consumer complaint to sending in a tip concerning
Medicaid fraud, getting in touch with the right division at your Attorney General’s Office is easier than ever on our Contact page, which routes
your message to the team that can answer your questions.