The City of Canton Welcomes MidSouth Renewables

The City of Canton and officials from MidSouth Renewables announce the company’s plan to build a new production facility. The new facility will be located at the Canton Industrial Park and will create 47 jobs averaging $50,000 per year with an expected capital investment of approximately $5.7 million dollars. 

CAVS Extension: Financial Fundamentals, October 12th

In this course, using interactive business simulation where you will be immersed in setting and running your own business, you will develop a new ability to visualize corporate financial information as a single landscape of interacting forces.

2022 Madison County Youth Leadership Class

Thank you to our many MCBL&F Members for their generous donations of promotional items presented to our 2022 Madison County Youth Leadership Class on Monday evening at orientation.

MCEDA Report September Tax Diversions

MCEDA REPORT: Above are the tax diversions for September, as well as the numbers reflecting the conclusion of our Fiscal Year. The County had positive growth every single month this Fiscal Year, contributing to 12.84% growth for the year. Every municipality in the county showed extremely positive growth as compared to last year’s Fiscal Year. … Read more

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Provided by Tim Bryan, Madison County Engineer