Bill Update from Will Longwitz

When you elected me your State Senator for Madison, Ridgeland, Gluckstadt and Northeast Jackson, I committed to focus on: growing the state’s economy, controlling spending and keeping your taxes low. You also told me to help control crime and keep your neighborhoods safe.

With just a week left in the 2013 legislative session, I wanted to update you on some of the bills I have been working on. Under the leadership of Gov. Phil Bryant, Lt. Gov Tate Reeves and Speaker Philip Gunn, we are moving Mississippi in the right direction.

Bills Still Alive
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  • Lenora’s Law: Requires GPS tracking of sex offenders who violate the state’s sex offender registry. Improves notification system when a sex offender moves to your town. Final version may move the distance a sex offender can live from a school from 1,500 to 3,000 feet. This bill was named in memory of Lenora Edhegard, who was killed in her home last year by a repeat sex offender who confessed to the crime. The killer lived in Brandon, but was registered in Hinds County. If this law had been in effect, law enforcement would have known where he lived, and could have intervened.

  • Public Corruption Prevention Bill: Would stop wiping records clean when people steal from taxpayers, and would prevent state from hiring embezzlers. SB2625

  • Revise Industry Healthcare Zone Act: I got this bill amended to expand Mississippi’s health care economy. Will now expand tax incentive zones for health care businesses. Allows more places and more industries to qualify for incentives, and makes the incentives apply to all parts of my Senate district in Hinds and Madison Counties.

  • Attempted Murder: This bill is critical for public safety and victims’ rights. Believe it or not, Mississippi lacks an effective attempted murder law. I wrote the language that’s in this bill, and we are now working on it in conference.

Signed Into Law
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  • Conceal-Carry Privacy Gun owners should not become targets simply for trying to defend themselves. I wrote the Senate version of this bill that keeps gun owners’ personal information private when they apply for conceal-carry permits. Now, law enforcement has access to the information if they need it, and the news media can’t get your private information without a court order.

  • Cleans Up Mississippi’s ElectionsSays that no person may serve on a party committee at any level if that person has been convicted of election crimes or has been removed from or resigned from office.

  • Madison County Scenic Bywayan innovative bill that will help promote Madison County’s natural beauty and its history. Designates highway, road and street corridors as scenic byways in an attempt to preserve, enhance and protect the state’s intrinsic resources for visitors and residents of the state.

  • Adam Weisenberger Memorial InterchangeSB2572 named I-55 Gluckstadt interchange after first-responder Adam Lee Weisenberger, a first responder known and loved by many who was killed in the line of duty.