Bookmobile Catching Speed: Community Coming Together

Canton, Ms., June 13, 2018 – The Madison County Business League and Foundation announced grants from the Madison County Community Trust and Families
First for the Madison County Library System bookmobile. Jan Collins, Executive Director of Madison County Business League and Foundation, got the ball
rolling with the exciting fundraising project for the bookmobile at MCLS.

MCCT awarded Madison County Library System with a $10,000 grant. Barney Daly Chairman of MCCT, Mike Crandall, and Renee Rice, a board member of MCCT, presented
Tonja Johnson, Director of the Madison County Library System with the check. Mike Crandall is the President of Trustmark Bank in Canton and is Treasurer
of the Library Foundation, Barney Daly is North Metro and Commercial Banking President for Trustmark Bank and Renee Rice is Senior Vice President for
First Commercial Bank.

Over the last five years, Families First for Mississippi has successfully served the State by providing Youth Development and Parenting/Life Skills services.
Families First is collaborating with MCLS and Nancy New, Executive Director of Families First, presented Tonja Johnson with a check for $35,000 to
bring back the bookmobile to Madison County.

Madison County Library System’s new bookmobile will reflect mobile delivery services that will provide for the needs of 21st century patrons. Bookmobiles
provide patrons opportunities to learn, network, and be inspired practically at their doorsteps. Knowledge is power and with the help of donations,
we will bring that knowledge to the patrons of Madison County that need it the most.

“The bookmobile will allow us to reach more patrons, meeting their needs where they are. We are thankful for the generous support and look forward to bringing
the bookmobile back to Madison County.” Tonja Johnson – Director

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