Business League offering one voice for county

The Madison County Business League (MCBL) was formed to bring together, under one organization, the voice of numerous entities throughout Madison County in order to establish a clear, concise message for the future. Certainly there are many questions that surround MCBL, so it seems that a brief Q&A would be beneficial to introduce the MCBL to the public.

Why and how was the Madison County Business League formed?

Through partnership with the Madison County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA), the Madison County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution creating the Business League in March 2008.  The purpose of the League is to offer the County a unique opportunity to bring a renewed spirit of cooperation and unity between the public and private sectors; thereby, encouraging proper planning for future growth and development.

What role does the Madison County Business League play? And why?

The purpose of the MCBL is to promote the general economic welfare and development of Madison County. It is our goal to support MCEDA with the promotion, development and expansion of business, education, transportation, employment, or other common business interests of commercial enterprises in the county. The MCBL will work in unity with MCEDA and elected officials for the benefit of the community by promoting and increasing employment, business activity, capital investment, quality of life and other corresponding factors associated with economic development.

Who is involved in the business league?

MCBL is comprised of elected, appointed, business and individual leaders of Madison County. This diverse group of participants will enable all partners in business and economic development to participate collectively in bringing together the overall vision for Madison County.

Can I get involved with the business league?

Absolutely. MCBL is relying on business leaders in Madison County to participate so that our One Vision and One Voice might be broad and relevant bringing forth a spirit of unity regarding the future of Madison County.

How can I get more information on MCBL?

Request an application via phone or email. Information will be sent to individuals and/or businesses at their request. Contact Jan Collins at MCBL at 601-832-5592 or by emailing

It is vital to provide MCEDA with support to fuel continued success as it strives to implement a program of work, business recruitment, and marketing activity for Madison County.  Your participation in the Madison County Business League is a logical and necessary step in order to maintain the momentum and level of growth and development that has resulted in the prosperity that we enjoy in Madison County.