Christmas Greetings from MCBL&F Chairman Wesley Goings

The mission of the Madison County Business League & Foundation (“MCBLF”) is to bring together, under one organization, the voice of numerous entities
in order to establish a clear and concise message for the future.

I believe the mission was exemplified on December 15th, 2020 when the MCBLF held its annual legislative meeting via zoom and presented its’
legislative agenda, consisting of three state priorities and two federal priorities, along with a number of additional projects that could
impact Madison County and deserve following.

The annual creation of this legislative agenda is a collaborative effort between the business community, elected and appointed officials (including
mayors, legislators, and supervisors), and MCEDA.

Seventeen meetings (a combination of in-person and video or phone calls) took place between Madison County officials and a team of MCBLF leaders
over the last six weeks. As I listened and participated in most of those conversations, I came away with a really positive view about how
passionate our officials are about our county. The information gathered from these talks was then used by the MCBLF Government Affairs
Committee to put together the legislative agenda then in turn was presented on December 15th to our Madison County legislative delegation,
MCBLF Members and elected officials.

This process and then the end result are so important to Madison County. It is imperative that MCEDA, MCBLF and the county supervisors present
a collective voice when presenting its’ requests to the state legislature in the upcoming session.

I look forward to 2021 and the productive events that MCBLF (and our fearless executive director Jan Collins) will be able to host, so that
we will be able to shake hands and carry on conversation face to face. In the meantime, I wish you all a safe and sound holiday season.
I thank you all for your support of MCBLF and Madison County.

Wesley Goings, Chairman

Madison County Business League & Foundation