Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act Passes

The Madison County Business League congratulates Congressman Gregg Harper for spearheading this landmark legislation benefitting medical research for developmental disorders. His passion, dedication and personal commitment to this cause is genuinely recognized and appreciated by the people of Madison County!

‘Because of your help, the “Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act” has been signed into law!

One year ago, I asked you to help me spread the word about this exciting idea. Washington heard your voice. Lawmakers in both chambers with varying political views recognized the value of expanded and improved medical research and set aside differences to advance this practical act.

After all, creating a lifetime of hope and opportunity for our most vulnerable kids is more important than subsidizing week-long political pep rallies.

Thank you for standing up for kids fighting life-threatening conditions. Thank you for lending your voice to kids facing developmental disorders. And thank you for helping kids like Evie Horton from Mississippi, whose strength and determination in overcoming the struggles of Spinal Muscular Atrophy continuously energizes my public service.

Inspired by Gabriella Miller’s captivating advocacy, this idea became a movement. Now this movement has become a law.’

God Bless,
Gregg Harper
Member of Congress