I Am Fighting Back – AG Lynn Fitch

Just weeks into the Biden-Harris Administration and we’re already watching the Left unravel the gains of the last four years:


  • Cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline – and putting our energy security at risk.
  • Passing sweeping legislation to override our state Voter ID laws.
  • Forcing important foster care providers to choose between their faith and federal contracts.
  • Putting young girls at a disadvantage in their school athletics programs.
  • Throwing open our borders to create a humanitarian crisis.


They spent $2 trillion on a COVID relief package that spent less than 10% on the benefits people actually need, but funneled hundreds of millions to
New York bridges, Silicon Valley tunnels, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


And, then they followed it up with the announcement of another $2-trillion spending package.


I’m fighting back.


Republican Attorneys General like me are the last line of defense for the conservative agenda.


The Biden-Harris Administration is literally backing out of court fight after court fight, siding with the Left-leaning special interests against rules
and regulations passed by the Trump Administration.


Republican AGs are stepping into these courtrooms to defend the rules that Americans want and need and to protect our Constitutional freedoms.


Democrats control the White House and they control both chambers of Congress.


But, you can count on Republican Attorneys General to hold the line for liberty.


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Lynn Fitch

Attorney General

State of Mississippi