INVITATION: MCYP Spring Connections!

Join us for the second part of the series “Work life balance: Body, MIND and spirit!” at our Spring Connections event on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, from 11:30 -1:00 at Georgia Blue- Madison (202 Baptist Dr, Madison, MS 39110). 

Amber Coeur will be the keynote speaker giving a presentation on “The Mind’s Compass: Directing Your Thoughts Towards Your Values”. Amber is a distinguished business leader, startup executive, CEO, and entrepreneur renowned for her dynamic blend of Southern charm and cutting-edge business acumen. Her presentation will reveal how aligning core values with daily life can significantly enhance mental health and help you get control of your mind. Attendees will explore innovative strategies for merging personal and professional aspirations to foster mental well-being. Prepare to gain insights into cultivating resilience and embracing a value-driven existence amidst the complexities of modern work environments. This session is your gateway to a more fulfilled and mentally enriching journey.

Must be a MCBL&F member & Young Professional 40 and under to attend! 

RSVP to by April 23, 2024. Reservations confirmed upon receipt of payment. Pay $25 fee online You don’t want to miss this one!