Joel Bomgar: Committee Week at the Legislature

most of our time at the legislature this week was spent working in committees. When a bill is introduced, it must first pass a committee before the
full House or Senate votes on it. Most bills die without ever making it through the committee process.

I’m assigned to several committees, and many of them met this week, including Judiciary, Medicaid, Drug Policy, Technology, Education, and Public Property.
These committees passed out dozens of bills this week, and they’re now awaiting a vote by the House.

You can read more about what bills are being considered by each committee in the House on the legislative website here.

Over 130 bills passed out of committee this week and are awaiting action before the House. You can view each of these on my House Calendar page here, along with a short description of what the bill does and how I’m planning to vote.

Thousands of students and parents from around the state visited the Capitol this week to celebrate School Choice. I was happy to join them and hear their
stories about how school choice has improved their experiences in public and private educational settings.

Tuesday is the deadline for bills to be considered by committees in both the House and Senate. The House will continue working in committees until this
deadline next week, at which point we will start voting on bills in the House chamber.

You can view each of the votes we took this week, along with a short description of what each bill does, how I voted, and why, on my website here.

As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any issues coming before the legislature, or if I can help you
in any way!

I’m always available by email at or on my cell at (601) 207-0813.

It’s an honor to serve you!

God Bless,