Kick-off of 2017 Madison County Law Enforcement Appreciation Week

The week of May 15-21, 2017, is designated the third annual
Madison County Law Enforcement Appreciation Week. This coincides with National Law Enforcement Appreciation Month. Madison County wants to express
our deepest appreciation and support for our municipal and county law enforcement officers who keep our communities safe and afford us the quality
of life we all enjoy.

Law Enforcement Appreciation week will be sponsored by the Canton Chamber Main Street, Flora Area Chamber of Commerce, Madison the City Chamber of Commerce,
Madison County Chamber of Commerce, Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce, and the Madison County Business League & Foundation. Churches, schools, and
other organizations/clubs are encouraged to participate. Each of the (4) Mayors (Flora, Canton, Ridgeland and Madison) and the President of the Madison
County Board of Supervisors will sign proclamations declaring May 15-21, 2017, as Madison County Law Enforcement Appreciation Week.

Pictured (l-r): Toya Veals, Canton Chamber Main Street Association; Linda Bynum, Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce; Casey Holcomb, Flora Area Chamber of Commerce; Jodi Maughon and Betsy Nicholson, Madison County Chamber of Commerce; Jan Collins, Madison County Business League & Foundation; and Kristy Daniels, Ridgeland Chamber volunteer.