Law Enforcement Appreciation Week 2020

Local chambers, tourism and economic development organizations are promoting Madison County Law Enforcement Appreciation Week September 21st-25th.
The annual event is held in conjunction with national law enforcement appreciation week traditionally held in May.Due to Covid the event was postponed
this year. The purpose of the event is for businesses, schools, churches, organizations and individuals to express their appreciation and support
of local law enforcement and first responders recognizing the importance of safe communities for our quality of life in Madison County.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact your local chamber of commerce.

Shown left to right:

Jana Dear, Canton Tourism Chris Chapman, Ridgeland Tourism Commission Linda Bynum, Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce Jan Collins, Madison County Business
League & Foundation Elizabeth Fulcher, Madison the City Chamber of Commerce Paige Petersen, Madison County Chamber of Commerce