Lott Center Staff Facilitates Madison County Strategic Plan Review


The Madison County Business League & Foundation contracted services for a facilitator to provide a formal review of its long-range strategic plan. Dr. Shannon Campbell, Director of the Trent Lott National Center at the University of Southern Mississippi, served as facilitator for the review designed to reflect on the status and accomplishments of the plan adopted in 2012.

The review provided an opportunity for various sub-committees to review their goals, outcomes, and status of strategic actions committed in the original plan. Each committee identified what tasks were accomplished, what tasks still need to be implemented and what new actions need to be considered for adoption.

The Madison County Strategic Plan is a ten-year plan designed to address transportation, quality of life, education, workforce, and healthcare needs of the county. For more information about the plan, contact Jan Collins, Executive Director of Madison County Business League & Foundation at collins.jan01@gmail.com.

If your community, company, or organization has needs for a facilitator to conduct strategic planning, leadership development, or project management sessions, feel free to contact us at the Trent Lott National Center, 601.266.6239 or shannon.campbell@usm.edu.