Madison County 2015 Legislative Summary

The 2015 legislative session has ended. Once again, the members of our legislative delegation, working with Senate and House leadership, have demonstrated how important our area is to the entire state. Here are some things that will affect us directly:

  • Ridgeland will get $1.5 million in bond funding to help extend Lake Harbour Drive all the way to Highland Colony Parkway. This will help relieve traffic in the south part of the county, will unlock economic value and will produce jobs for our county and region.
  • Madison County schools will benefit from record state spending on education (includes increased support for teacher pay raises, reading coaches, pre-K, National Board Certified Teachers, teacher supply funds, school safety programs, vocational education and new education opportunities for children with special needs).
  • Madison County students will benefit from a reduced burden of standardized testing and higher educational standards (pending Gov. Bryant’s signature).
  • Madison County will get an additional Chancery Court judge to help relieve the county’s overwhelming caseload in family law and other chancery matters.
  • Madison County will share a new Circuit Court judge with Rankin County. This is also a response to our population growth in recent years.
  • A $200 million dollar bridge bond bill will help repair dilapidated and dangerous bridges in the county.