Madison County Business League & Foundation Presented a Top Non Profit Award by the MS Business Journal


Madison County Business League & Foundation

Selected a 2019 Mississippi Top Non Profit



Canton, MS – The Madison County Business League & Foundation is proud to announce its selection by the Mississippi Business Journal
as a 2019 Top Mississippi Non-Profit Organization. The organization was presented the award at an event held at the Old Capitol Inn on November
20, 2019.


The Madison County Business League & Foundation (MCBL&F) is a 501©6 economic development support private membership organization which
was created in 2008 through a resolution passed unanimously by the Madison County Board of Supervisors to serve as private stakeholders for the
Madison County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA); thus, creating a public/private partnership.The mission of the MCBL&F is to bring together,
under one organization, the voice of numerous entities in order to establish a clear and concise message for the future.This organization, which
is comprised of elected, appointed, business and individual leaders of Madison County, will enable all partners in business and economic development
to participate collectively in bringing together the overall vision for Madison County.In 2014, the Madison County Foundation merged with the Madison
County Business League to form the Madison County Business League & Foundation. The MCBL&F is proud to serve as a seamless conduit for
the flow of information between the private sector and the policy makers in local, county, state and federal government.


The MCBL&F provides networking opportunities for member decision makers and young professionals with elected officials, on all levels, as it strives
to assist MCEDA with the promotion, development and expansion of business, education, transportation, employment, workforce development, quality
of life, and other common business interests of commercial enterprises in Madison County.The MCBL&F exists to provide additional financing
for those initiatives whose costs cannot be supported through public funding.This creates a pathway for grants and other expenditures that can
supplement those needs. The MCBL&F sponsors the Madison County Young Professionals which provides opportunities for professional development
and peer to peer networking for the future leaders of Madison County.MCBL&F and MCEDA sponsor the Madison County Youth Leadership program for
outstanding juniors in all Madison County public, private and parochial schools plus Jackson Prep, Jackson Academy and New Summit Schools.The program’s
mission is to provide the emerging workforce with a deeper understanding of the careers available in Madison County in an environment that develops
their leadership skills and encourages graduates to take their knowledge and their experience into the community for the betterment of Madison
County as a whole. And, to discourage brain drain!The MCBL&F also created the North Madison County Excel By 5 initiative to support early childhood
development in Madison County for ages 0-5 years.


The Madison County Business League & Foundation created its 501©3, the Madison County Community Trust (MCCT), in 2014 to support the needs
of education and workforce development in Madison County.Since that time thousands of dollars in grants have been awarded to the Madison County
Schools and Canton Public Schools to facilitate dual enrollment in local community colleges, financial literacy training for teachers, master teacher
of entrepreneurship training, socio-emotional soft skills teacher training, and the Madison County Mobile Media Lab (bookmobile). MCBL&F membership
assisted in efforts for Madison County to achieve ACT Work Ready certification by awarding a grant to facilitate the ACT Work Keys assessments
for all career technical students in the Madison County Schools and the Canton Public Schools enabling them to receive the National Career Readiness
Certificate (NCRC). In addition, scholarships for every graduate of each year’s youth leadership class, funding for North Madison County Excel
By 5 projects, and numerous other grants to improve the educational, health, economic and social status, and well-being of the citizens of Madison
County.These projects are made possible through the generous financial support of the MCBL&F members.


For more information about the meeting, contact Jan Collins, executive director, at

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