Madison County Business League & Foundation Salutes Nissan North America ~ Canton

Madison County is proud to be the home of Nissan North America – Canton. And, the Madison County Business League (MCBL&F) is proud to claim Nissan
– Canton as a Platinum Sponsor! They are a community partner who realizes the importance of “putting down roots” in their hometown of Canton and Madison
County. All Madison County businesses and individuals have benefitted by Nissan North America opening its doors in our county.

Since 2003, Nissan has positively impacted our county and state’s quality of life economically and through their many contributions to education and community
involvement. With Nissan’s commitment to building a major assembly plant in Canton, MS, it brought recognition to the state as a global automotive
manufacturing location attracting several large national and international manufacturing companies. It gives Madison County and Mississippi and competitive

We don’t have to look very far to see the impact of Nissan in Madison County. In the spring of 2017, the MCBL&F engaged the University of Southern
Mississippi Trent Lott Center for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship & the College of Business to conduct a Madison County Economic Indicators
study. The population growth, new housing, addition of schools, unemployment and poverty rate have all had positive outcomes. The population in Madison County has grown from 75,000 in 2000 to 104,951 in 2017. The highest growth of any of the 5 counties in the Jackson Metro Area. The poverty rate has decreased from 24% in the late 1990’s to 13.5% compared to the state average of 22.5%. According to the most recent census data, the median household income has grown from approximately $47,000 in 2000 to currently $64,376 with a state average of $39,665. Madison County maintains the highest per capita income in the state which is higher than the national average.

A study by the National Strategic Planning & Analysis Research Center (NSPARC) and Mississippi State University in 2013 examined the 10 year impact
of Nissan on Madison County (see attached). Move Mississippi Forward announced at a press conference last week that a new study had been
completed and can be viewed at .

The Madison County Business League & Foundation is proud to salute Nissan Canton and support their efforts to create safe working environments and
good paying jobs!