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Madison County Business League & Foundation: Tribute to Senator Thad Cochran

Madison County Business League & Foundation: Tribute to Senator Cochran

There are people we encounter in our lives that have a significant impact on how we decide to continue to conduct ourselves. It has also been said that
a politician thinks of the next election while a Statesman thinks of the next generation. All you have to do is look around and see the people that
Senator Cochran worked with and consider his accomplishments and you know he was a Statesman. Although he only won with 45.3% of the vote in his first
election to the U. S. Senate, he was always elected overwhelmingly afterwards because he was determined to be a U.S. Senator for all Mississippians.
From the beginning he was interested in doing the right thing for all Mississippians, and his record shows it. We can never repay him for his commitment,
dedication and service to Mississippi and the United States as a Senator and through his military service, but we can continue to honor him as one
of the most accomplished and incredible Statesman in our history. The Madison County Business League & Foundation sends its sincere condolences
to all of the Cochran family and wants to thank them for sharing Senator Cochran with all Mississippians for over 40 years.

Phil Buffington, Chair Government Relations Committee, Madison County Business League & Foundation