MCBL Visits Washington

Representatives of the Madison County Business League recently traveled to Washington with the Madison County Board of Supervisors and the Madison County Economic Development Authority to meet with members of the Mississippi Congressional delegation. Those traveling on behalf of the Business League were Directors Calvin Harris, Dick Hutchinson, Lanny Slaughter, and Executive Director Jan Collins. MCEDA Executive Director Tim Coursey and Mitch Stringer along with board members Harris, Hutchinson and Slaughter also represented MCEDA.

Pictured with Senator Wicker:
Collins, Slaughter, Gloria Williamson, Sup. Karl Banks, Sup. Paul Griffin, Barbara Blackmon, Sup. Tim Johnson, County Engineer Rudy Warnock, Senator Wicker, Sup. John Bell Crosby, Hutchinson, Harris, Asst. County Comptroller Quandice Green, Coursey, County Comptroller Mark Houston, and Stringer.

Pictured with Senator Cochran:
Hutchinson, Barbara Blackmon, Quandice Green, Mark Houston, Gloria Williamson, Coursey, Collins, Sup. Johnson, Senator Cochran, Rudy Warnock, Sup Crosby, Sup. Banks, Harris, Sup. Griffin, Slaughter, and Mitch Stringer.