MCBL&F Hosted Business Briefing VIII: "Back to Business" Creating a Safe Working Environment for Employees/Clients During COVID 19 with Dr. Chris Powe

The Madison County Business League & Foundation hosted webinar Business Briefing VIII: “Back to Business” Creating a Safe Working Environment for Employee/ Clients During COVID19. Dr.
Chris Powe, President/Owner of Global Training Institute and Lieutenant Colonel of MS Air National Guard was the guest speaker. He gave an overview
of the training and accountability program he created for the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District to help businesses and their employees
safely return to work on-site. This program allows HR Directors to empower their employees to train through online modules and take a simple test on
the learned material. After the course and test are completed, employees are awarded a certificate, which they can share with employers. Executive
Director of the MS Board of Nursing served as the moderator. 

Dr. Chirs Powe’s Contact Info:



 Phone Number: (888)242-0007

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