MDOT Executive Director Brad White addresses infrastructure bill funding (w/VIDEO)



The recently passed infrastructure bill extends federal highway funding to Mississippi, over a period of five years.  The funding is being renewed by the government, through the $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and will be funneled to the state through the Federal Highway Adminstration.

Money that will be used to upgrade roads and bridges, and address other transportation needs throughout the state.

Brad White – “What we ended up receiving is somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.3 – $3.6 billion by the time you have bridges and other programs that will be administered through the federal highway.“

The infrastructure funds will be allocated through the Federal Highway Administration, who dictates where and how the money will be spent.  This funding will flow through the same programs and regulations as it currently does.  

Brad White – “What this is not is a fourth economic stimulus package to be compared with the CARES act, CRRSSAA funds or HARPA money that is delivered to the states.  All of this money will be put through the programs of the Federal Highway and will have to meet the criteria through which they allow for those expenditures to be made.”

Currently the Mississippi Department of Transportation has a three year plan to address rehabilitation needs in the state’s transportation infrastructure, including bridge and safety programs.

Brad White – “We’re waiting on some further guidelines from the Federal Highway, we expect to be able to utilize the funds beginning of this fiscal year not sure exactly how that will look yet but we hope to use it on capacity projects which are outlined in our vision 21’ legislation with our friends at the Capitol.”

The funding is part of a reoccurring allocation from the federal government, which amounts to approximately $500 million per year.  The infrastructure bill adds an additional $140 million per year, over five years.

Brad White – “Assuming we’re able to make the match, which leadership of the legislature assured us they would have the funds necessary to match the federal dollars to be able to access it, we would have around $135 – $140 million dollars a year extra that could go into roads and bridges and construction of that nature.”

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