MEMA Distribution of Non-contact FEMA Thermometers to MS Businesses

MADISON COUNTY BUSINESS LEAGUE & FOUNDATION – Please submit forms to MEC or MEDC by Wednesday, June 10th at 5:00 PM

FEMA and Health and Human Services are sending 3,029 non-contact thermometers to the state over a period of time. This initiative is to give small businesses
a resource that will help as they return to work and begin the recovery process for their employees and communities. They are working with MEC, MEDC,
and other associations that can help get this information out to local “small” businesses.

As mentioned they have 3,029 total to delegate at the county level under the following guidelines: 

  • Consider priority to workplaces with Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers and a high degree of person-to-person interaction.
  • Next, consider priority to workplaces with a high degree of person-to-person interaction that are currently operating or have been identified to reopen
    based on individual state plans.
  • Next, consider state and local offices with operations that support the reopening of businesses and community services and that require a high degree
    of person-to-person interaction.
  • Finally, consider other workplaces with a high degree of person-to-person interaction at the discretion of the state.

The attached FEMA Fact Sheet gives more guidelines as to the criteria to be met, but if there is a specific need that presents from a company/organization
that falls out of these guidelines, you can use your best judgment. FEMA will have a form to complete to locate where the thermometers end up to track
state-wide coverage.

MEDC and MEC are asking that you submit to us the attached form no later than 5 PM on June 10, 2020 with your thermometer request. MEDC
and MEC will then submit completed request forms to MEMA. Approved thermometer request will be delivered to your counties MEMA representative. MEDC
and MEC will contact those receiving thermometers with pick-up information when available. Please see the attached form for all information.

See Fact Sheet

Download Request form