Membership Spotlight July 2017

Ms. Christina Treppendahl,
RN, MSN, FNP-BC is the founder and director of The Headache Center in Renaissance at Colony Park in
Ridgeland. Treppendahlhas been specializing in Headache Medicine since 2010.

She was awarded a Certificate of Added Qualification in Headache Medicine from the National Headache Foundation. She has served on an advisory board for
the National Headache Foundation. Last year The Headache Center was featured in the
HeadWise Magazine, a publication of the National Headache Foundation. The 
Headache Center was recently voted 2017 Best Specialty Clinic in the Jackson Free Press Health and Wellness issue .

The team at The Headache Center works with a strong network of radiologists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, hospitals, anesthesiologists,
cardiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, ENTs, women’s healthcare providers, and physical therapists. In 2016, Treppendahl formed
a clinical research department at The Headache Center where she has enrolled subjects in clinical trials for cluster headache
treatment with Autonomic Technologies, migraine prevention treatment with Avanir Pharmaceuticals, and they are currently enrolling subjects in an acute
migraine treatment study sponsored by Allergan. More studies are planned with Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Gammacore and Supernus. 

The Headache Center is the only privately owned specialty headache center in Mississippi. Treppendahl employs full-time 8 people
at her center in Madison County. She has trained two outstanding family nurse practitioners in headache medicine. They have a passion for treating
headache patients without the use of opioids or barbiturates. All the providers at The Headache Center have a personal or family
history of migraine.

The Headache Center has treated over 3000 patients for headache disorders. Both children and adults of all ages can be diagnosed
and treated at the center. Treppendahl sponsors select patients to lobby for headache research funding in person in Washington, DC at the
annual Headache on the Hill event. In addition to national pharmaceutical speaker programs, Treppendahl speaks about headache and migraine
awareness all over the state of Mississippi for nursing education. Treppendahl and her colleagues, Rebecca Adams, RN, MSN, FNP-C and Jenna
Gaddy, RN, MSN, FNP-C, have traveled the state of Mississippi to advocate for awareness and education about headache disorders.

Community organizations, public and private schools and businesses are welcome to contact The Headache Center to schedule a non-branded program about headache disorders and treatment. The goal of education and awareness is to minimize missed school and work
days and to enhance school and work productivity. Approximately 12% of the population has migraine. That is over 300,000 people in Mississippi. Fifty
percent of these people never get the correct diagnosis or treatment. Other primary headache disorders are also misdiagnosed and under treated. Appropriate
headache diagnosis and treatment can save the state millions of dollars by decreasing Emergency Department and hospital admissions for primary headache
disorders and keeping people off of disability. Reviews and testimonials from hundreds of patients can be found on the website at and For more information contact The Headache Center at

The Headache Center is a Platinum Sponsor for the Madison County Business League & Foundation.