MESSAGE from Small Business Administration MS District Director Janita Stewart:

MS SBA just received update on the minimum qualification that the Governors of each state would have to certify in their request for a disaster declaration
which is now a minimum of 5 small businesses in the state and not having to do it county by county. This eases the process
and we hope to have a declaration from Mississippi this week. 

Attached is some information concerning assistance that will be available to small businesses that have/will experience substantial economic injury as
a result of COVID-19 pending a disaster declaration for counties in our state or the entire state of Mississippi.

As of this moment, there has not been a disaster declaration for any county in Mississippi nor for the entire state. In order to
get a disaster declaration tied into this COVID-19 situation, the Governor has to make the request and certify to SBA that at least five businesses have suffered economic injury. This would then free up funds available from SBA’s EIDL program and then loan applications from small businesses that have been affected can be submitted and processed. Basically, this is how that process works and we’ve communicated this to the Governor, MEMA and others.

Please share this information with small businesses which should be useful to them once the declaration is made and funds available from SBA’s EIDL Program.

Thanks for help getting the word out.

Janita R. Stewart

District Director

Mississippi District Office 

U.S. Small Business Administration(601) 965-5371 (office)