Mississippi Bio-Medical Business Collaboratory (Photos)

The Madison County Economic Development Authority and the Madison County Business League hosted a press conference on Friday, October 24, 2014, to announce the Mississippi Bio-Medical Business Collaboratory located at 152 Watford Parkway Drive in Canton, MS. Over 100 MCBL members, guests and elected officials were in attendance. Governor Phil Bryant and MDA’s Manning McPhiilips presented remarks at the event.

Helping to accelerate the development of a private Bio-Medical sector in Mississippi has been a vision of MCEDA’s for over five years. The creation of The Mississippi Bio-Medical Business Collaboratory (MBBC), located at 152 Watford Drive Parkway in Canton, is being made possible through the efforts of MCEDA and Governor Bryant and the legislature’s creation of the MS Health Care Industry Zone Act.

The facility being developed in Canton is designed to foster relationships, cooperation, and innovation among healthcare related companies that operate within the facility. The ultimate goal of the Collaboratory model is to help create the sustainable higher paying healthcare and bio-medical jobs of the future, and then for Collaboratory companies to grow and expand in the Madison County Healthcare Zone. Tenant companies of the facility are/will be focused on providing advanced healthcare services, medical training and simulations, long term care IT asset management, pharmacy services, research and testing, and medical equipment manufacturing.

In 2012, Governor Phil Bryant signed into law the Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Act (House Bill 1537) to promote the growth of the health care industry in Mississippi. The legislation created a business incentive program, known as the Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Incentive Program, to encourage health care-related businesses to locate or expand within a qualified Health Care Zone in the state.

“This type of collaboratory among private sector businesses is exactly what we envisioned when we created the Healthcare Industry Zone Incentive Program,” Gov. Bryant said. “I know this teamwork among companies will fast-track the development of the bio-medical sector in Mississippi, and I’m pleased to be a part of this announcement today.”

MCEDA Executive Director, Tim Coursey, applauds Governor Bryant and the Mississippi Legislature for making this possible through their leadership and action of the passage of the HB 1537. “Several years ago we decided to take a lead role in advancing the growth of the private bio-medical sector in Mississippi. As a result, we proposed the concept of creating a financially sustainable Business Collaboratory in Madison County. The concept is now becoming a reality and the Health Care Zone is a central theme in our success.”

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