Mississippi House Passes Campaign Finance Reform

On Monday, the Mississippi House of Representatives met for our second
week of the 2017 legislative session. Legislators are continuing to work on drafting legislation to introduce. This week marked the deadline to request
new bills, and all new bills must be officially introduced by Monday January 16th. You can view all of the bills that have been introduced
thus far on the legislative website.
This page will be updated as new ones are added through next week.

On Wednesday, the House passed a comprehensive campaign finance reform bill. House Bill 479,
which was authored by Speaker Philip Gunn, makes a number of changes to the campaign finance law. The most important one prevents elected officials
from using campaign funds for personal expenses. I was glad to support this bill, as it restores a measure of accountability and transparency to campaign
finance in Mississippi.

You can read more about the campaign finance bill, along with the other measures considered by the House this week, on my blog here.
As always, I’ve included a description of each bill along with an explanation of my vote.

In addition to drafting bills, several legislative committees met this week to discuss the issues we anticipate working on this session. Several of the
committees that I serve on met this week, including Medicaid, Drug Policy, and Youth and Family Affairs. As we continue to craft legislation, I will
work to promote policies that strengthen families and promote liberty, well-being, and economic prosperity for all Mississippians.

This morning, I joined several other legislators from the Jackson metro area for the Leadership Greater Jackson State Government Panel at the Capitol.
This is a great group of civic-minded members of the community. We discussed a number of opportunities in the legislature, including improving the
quality of our workforce by removing barriers to employment.

Throughout next week, many more bills will be introduced, and committees will begin to meet to consider all of the ideas that are proposed from representatives
across the state. On Tuesday, the legislature will convene in a joint session to hear the Governor’s State of the State Address.

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