MSU Extension reports new census profiles using the 2020 redistricting data

Just a quick note that the new census profiles using the 2020 redistricting data are now posted on the website.  Please feel free to download these profiles and use them in any way to benefit your program or community.  There are also presentation-type pdf files that can be used in a group setting context.

Just a few quick notes about the profiles:

  • There are many “places” for which the Census Bureau provides population counts.  These places include municipalities, but also many non-governmental geographies as well.  We captured all of the places that were contained in both the 2010 and 2020 decennial census counts.
  • There have been some questions about how the counts for municipalities that cross county boundaries (e.g., Jackson).  The count for Jackson includes the entire population count within the city of Jackson’s boundaries and does not take into account whether that population is in Hinds County or Rankin County.  So, even though the city of Jackson is listed in Hinds County on the website and not Rankin County (this was done for the sake of simplicity), the Jackson profile provides the entire count for the city, not just the Hinds County portion of the city.
  • For those of you who requested that I send you the profiles before they were posted, you may have noticed a rather egregious error on my part in titling the “Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander” race.  This error has been corrected on the posted versions and I apologize for any confusion that it might have caused.
  • There has been some discussion regarding the updating of the 2020 redistricting data in the future.  We will update the profiles as soon as we find out that this data has been updated (if you receive notice that the data has been updated, please don’t hesitate to let me know; I may miss the notice).
  • We collapsed the components of the multiracial counts (for example, we only report the populations for two races, not the individual populations for white/black, white/American Indian or Alaskan Native, white/Asian, white/Native Hawaiian, etc.) for the sake of brevity.  If you have need of those individual component counts, please let me know and I can send those to you in either a spreadsheet or graphic (PowerPoint) format.