National Guardsman get specialized training in Canton

CANTON, MS (WLBT) – National Guardsmen from across the region have trained for several days in Canton. – Jackson, MS

The Global Training institute prepped several units in advanced trauma training. This included everything from smoke to loud music and even surgery in

dark.Organizers say it is a unique, but effective way to make sure the guardsmen are ready for any situation.

Christopher Powe is one of the founding partners in the Global Training Institute. He’s served in Iraq, and is an acute care nurse practitioner that has
dealt with battle field injuries.

GTI gives the high speed and intensity that national guardsmen and others in the armed forces have to one day be prepared for. This includes everything
from smoke to loud music and even surgery on cadavers in the dark.

“We do classroom, your traditional adult learning,” said Christopher Powe of the Global Training Institute. “Then we carry them to the lab and one on one
training using plastic and synthetic material, then we bring them to cadaver and human tissue training. And that culminates them in by putting all
that together by integrating that training and then we create a realistic scenario to try and put them under stress and make it feel like its a real

Most of their training before included working on realistic dummies. But for national guardsmen, like Steven Braun, this training can be a difference maker
just after a couple days in Canton.

“Everyone here has learned textbook and dummies and even real world civilian side done a lot of these procedures but you know coming here, practicing it
again, and again, and again, you leave feeling confident that if you had to do it tomorrow, you could do it tomorrow. So you get the jitters out over
here, so we don’t have it when we’re out there,” said Braun.

The training takes over five days and this specific group is training for domestic disasters. Something we hope we never have to deal with.

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