Press Release: Madison Recently Named ‘Mississippi’s Most Successful City’

Madison Recently Named ‘Mississippi’s Most Successful City’

September 4, 2018

The accolades are nonstop for this metro Jackson city of 30,000 residents.

Madison has received yet another feather in the city’s hat as Zippia, a Career Website has just acknowledged the upscale community as the most successful
in the Magnolia State. Other cities in Mississippi were not named as runner-up, etc.

The criteria that Zippia utilized focused on the three areas of Median Income, Unemployment Rate and Education Rate. Madison’s numbers in these categories
are $100,978; 3.5 percent and 62.5 percent respectively. The Education Rate looked at residents 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree. One city
was singled out in each of the 50 states. Some other Southern states receiving the recognition included Mt. Brook, Alabama; Milton, Georgia; Pelican
Bay, Florida; Edgewood, Kentucky; Oak Hills Place, LA and Brentwood, Tennesse. Glencoe, Illinois (a city less than one hour from Chicago) led all
cities with these numbers — $185,320, 1.5 percent and 86.7 percent.

What this research tells us (the data was based on a 2012-2016 American Community Survey from the US Census) is that education trumps everything when
it comes down to economics. As a 17-year resident of Madison and growing up near Brentwood (Green Hills in Nashville), I can relate to these two
communities excelling in these qualities of life barometers. They are both targeted destinations for individuals relocating to their respective
state capital’s metropolitan area.

Also factoring into Madison’s success is their high level of standards as to zoning; city ordinances and the continuity of city government. Madison’s
Mayor, Mary Hawkins Butler, is now in her 38th year as CEO of the city. This is one of the longest “runs” for mayors throughout the entire nation.
Madison also enjoys a reputation as one of the state’s safest cities, if not the safest. New capital investment continues to pour into the city
primarily related to the criteria that the survey disclosed.