Quotes from the D.C. Trip

“It was a great experience to see such a diverse group come together to represent Madison County and without a doubt our delegation was pleased to see the unity of everyone. I believe this kind of effort will reap many dividends for the entire county.”
Mayor Gene F. McGee, CMO

“Recognizing that ‘Hope is not a strategy’, business owners and residents of
Madison County were represented in Washington with a well thought out plan
that will help improve the quality of life and commerce throughout the entire county.”

Alon Bee
City President – Metro Jackson
Regions Bank

“As a Madison County resident, it was refreshing to see the collective efforts of the elected and business leaders of our county as they traveled to Washington to meet with the MS Congressional Delegation and remind them of the enormous potential we have here. I am very excited to be a part of the “new” Madison County as we all look to move her forward together.”
Sidney Allen, Jr.
Government Relations Director
Butler Snow

“I was pleased to see the positive responses from the Senators and Congressmen that Madison County has come together and that we all support each other’s projects.”
John Bell Crosby, president
Madison County Board of Supervisor

“Washington DC is the center for knowledge of our country. It is impossible to experience the capitol of our great nation and return home without being humbled. We achieved our initial goal of unity and fell short on acquiring the needed funds-but were give the knowledge and direction to achieve this goal. I feel that this was a successful trip and look forward to returning- with new ideas on creative financing.”
Ronny Lott
Madison County Board of Supervisors

“I would say it was refreshing to see all parties on the same page. It was a good day for Madison County!..overall, the trip was great…….ya’ll did an awesome job getting everyone from point a to point b……..I don’t have any criticism to make.
Barney Daly
President North-Metro Region
Trustmark National Bank

“There is no substitute for the citizens of Madison County that a joint delegation of governmental and businesses leaders called upon each of our congressional representatives, en masse, to discuss the most important issues facing our county. The presentations and accompanying booklet made a very compelling case. It was clear to our senators and representatives that Madison County is united and will partner with others at the local, state and federal level to continue its record of progress.”
Bill Senter, Vice President
Atmos Energy

“Jan, it appeared to me that the hard pre-trip effort was way over the top. The entire trip from start to finish, including little details, were covered. Having been on several of these trips, this one seemed to me to be the best organized one we have had. Also, I heard nothing but raves from ALL the fed boys regarding the book that Mr. Coursey and team put together. Greg (Senator Wicker)told me on more than one occasion that the presentation was one of the best, if not the best he has seen.
Dick Hutchinson
MCEDA Board of Directors
MCBL Board of Directors