Resolution Regarding Sales Tax Diversion for Internet Sales

Whereas, the Madison County Business League & Foundation (MCBL&F) is a member-driven organization of over two hundred twenty executive leaders
and decision makers in the Madison County and Metro Jackson Area whose mission is to unite with elected officials on all levels of government to speak
with one voice on matters of economic development and quality of life; and to serve as stakeholders for the Madison County Economic Development Authority;

Whereas, the mission of MCBL&F is to support MCEDA in their efforts to assist existing businesses and to attract new investments and higher
paying jobs to Madison County in an effort to increase resources and improve the quality of life and economic wealth of our citizens; and

Whereas, MCBL&F recognizes the critical role of local governments in creating an environment conducive to economic development in Madison County.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Madison County Business League & Foundation supports the disbursement of all internet use taxes collected
from internet retailers by the State of Mississippi to the local government from which the internet sale originated using the same method of the current
sales tax disbursement method of the 18.5% sales tax diversion distribution to municipalities based upon the physical nexus.

Adopted this the 21st day of August, 2018.