Sec. Mayorkas Grilled on Border Policies

Dear Friend,

Earlier this week, I visited Eagle Pass, Texas, with my Republican colleagues to meet with law enforcement and local public servants along the border. 

Throughout our visit, almost every person we spoke with said that this is the worst they have ever seen the southwest border. Without exception every man and woman, whether those serving in law enforcement or those serving in the community, echoed those remarks. 

We know that last month there were 221,000 immigrants who were apprehended across our southwest border. If Title 42 is allowed to expire, the Department of Homeland Security has said that as many as 18,000 immigrants a day will flood into our communities. 

As we met with community leaders, they told us two things. First, they said that they felt abandoned by the Biden Administration. Second, they asked us for one simple favor — to provide them with the resources they need to perform their duties.

I told the men and women with whom we met that they are not alone and that their requests do not fall on deaf ears. I told them that my colleagues and I will return to Washington, DC, and that we will fight on their behalf. We will not stop fighting on behalf of the men and women who are risking their lives every day to protect this great country that we love.

(Photo Above) Leader Kevin McCarthy, Congressman Blake Moore, and I speak to law enforcement at the border. 

In case you missed it, I spoke with Neil Cavuto about the trip to the southern border. You can watch below to learn more. 


When I returned from the border, I had the chance to question Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas about the Biden Administration’s failures. Secretary Mayorkas told the committee and the American people that he believed the border was not open and, in another exchange, that he believes the border is secure. I can tell you, after my visit to the border, that he was not being truthful to me, to the Committee, or to the American people. You can read my response to Secretary Mayorkas’s claims below or you can watch a clip of our exchange by clicking on the link below:

You’re wrong. You’re not being truthful with this committee, and you’re not being truthful with the American public. I have been to the border twice within the last two weeks. I have spoken with CBP agents. I have spoken with elected officials. They all say the same thing. They all say that this administration has abandoned them. They say that they feel like they are left to deal with this problem all by themselves. The border is not secure. The border is wide open. Under your leadership, this problem has only gotten worse, and in fact, this is the worst immigration crisis that our nation has ever seen.


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