The Guest Column: The Crisis On The Border


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Border Crisis

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the crisis on our border continue to deteriorate. Migrants are making the journey into our
nation as the Biden Administration continues to signal that our border is open. President Biden’s border crisis is a direct result of his
actions, such as removing the Remain in Mexico policy that was critical in securing our border in 2019 and his decision to halt construction
of the border wall.


This is more than a border crisis. It is a national security and humanitarian crisis. I write more about it in my latest op-ed published in The Hill.

In short, the situation is becoming extremely dangerous for border communities, law enforcement, and the migrants themselves. We know the
policies Republicans implemented in 2019 were successful in addressing the surge at the southwest border then, and the rescinding of
these policies is what has led to this crisis. This is not a partisan issue, however, as many Democrats have expressed their concerns over what is happening on our border.

It will take a bipartisan effort to tackle this problem, and a bipartisan push is not out of the question. In 2019, both Republicans and
Democrats recognized that the surge across our border was an immigration and a humanitarian crisis, and President Trump put forth policies
that almost immediately began to address these issues. It is critically important that the Biden Administration does the same.

I made these points clear to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas last week. You can watch my remarks in the video below.

CLICK HERE to watch my conversation with Secretary Mayorkas




Michael Guest

Member of Congress