Think Big. Work Hard. Live Happy in Madison County.

With abundant job opportunities, affordable places to live, and a vibrant atmosphere, young professionals are gravitating to Madison County, MS. This video follows young professionals doing what they enjoy most – Living Happy in Madison County.

When people look at Madison County, Mississippi, they often see a diverse yet delightfully complementary group of communities. The area boasts a skilled workforce, and young people are moving to the area for abundant job opportunities in high tech jobs, as well as careers in healthcare, engineering, technical, legal and white collar fields. Yes, our schools are excellent, our businesses are prosperous, and our neighborhoods have been designed and built for lasting livability. And yes, we are the home to Nissan and to other global dynamos; we are the MidSouth’s premier destination for lifestyle shopping. But we are also home to the bluest skies and clearest waters and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Madison County flourishes because we care about what really counts, quality of life for our people.