CAVS: Financial Fundamentals Workshop

  Financial Fundamentals
May 2, 2023
Canton, MS 

Finance is the language of business, and many of us feel intimidated when talking of balance sheets, income statements, operating profits and cash flows. There is a growing need to develop all employees’ business acumen: a big picture understanding of how business works, and a broader awareness of how one’s decisions and actions impact the results of the business. 

Course Objective:
In this course, using interactive business simulation where you will be immersed in setting and running your own business, you will develop a new ability to visualize corporate financial information as a single landscape of interacting forces. You will experience how other departments affect how you do your job, and how you do your job affects other departments.

Who Should Attend:
Professionals, managers, supervisors, team leaders, lead positions on the production line with the responsibility for improving results with and through others, payables personnel, receivables personnel, sales staff, customer service, inventory control personnel and R&D personnel.