Holmes CC Workforce: Excel Training

Holmes CC Workforce has partnered with Chaka Turner and Collabair to offer Microsoft Excel training courses. Please review the info and registration link below. For additional info or dates, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Turner via her website, or HCC workforce coordinator Angela Crain at 601-605-3370.

Registration Link:    https://www.collabair.com/blank-page-1

Excel Basic

Join us in a “hands on experience” to understand and practice the basics of Excel.  Our passionate facilitator will guide you through practical exercises to help you establish a strong Excel foundation.

In this class, you will learn the core functions of Excel.   An instructor will guide you in establishing a strong Excel foundation.  By the end of the class you will be comfortable in fundamentals such as: creating and modifying spreadsheets, simple formulas, graphs, editing data,  simple analysis, formatting, and printing spreadsheets.

·        creating spreadsheets

·        modifying spreadsheets

·        editing data

·        formatting

·        creating simple formulas

·        graphing

·        printing spreadsheets

Excel Intermediate

Join us in a “hands on experience” to discover, practice, and succeed in  Excel Intermediate training.  Our knowledgeable instructor will facilitate you through relatable exercises to increase your data analytical abilities.

In this class, you will increase your data organizational and analytical intelligence. A facilitator will explain, demonstrate, and guide you in achieving Excel intermediate topics including (but not limited to) :

·        naming and using cell references

·        creating and analyzing tables

·        protecting worksheets and workbooks

·        conditional formatting

·        consolidating workbooks

·        subtotaling data

Excel Advanced

 Join us in a “hands on experience” to explore advanced Excel features.  Our experienced facilitator will guide you through mastering rigorous data analysis techniques and collaboration tools.

In this class, you will be equipped with advanced analytical techniques and robust functions. An experienced instructor will facilitate advanced topics on  (but not limited to)

·        pivot tables

·        pivot table charts

·        formula auditing

·        advanced functions including lookup functions

·        advanced charting

·        macros foundation