Six Sigma Black Belt – SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!

Did you know that the average cost savings for a participant that achieves Black Belt Certification is $396K for their employer!

Mississippi State University’s CAVS Extension in Canton, MS is pleased to offer Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. Six Sigma is a collection of statistically
driven tools within an overall problem solving framework that has been successfully deployed by companies throughout the world to achieve dramatic
improvement in the quality of products and services.

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Course Objective & Deliverables:

This workshop requires each student to demonstrate mastery of the Six Sigma Body of knowledge and is accomplished through the participant leading a
black belt project which illustrates the DMAIC methodology, use of appropriate statistical tools, and substantial business results.


This workshop also teaches appropriate statistical tools that can help:

  • The ability to determine good data versus bad data
  • Choosing and using the correct statistical tools
  • Clear interpretation of the data
  • Communication of data in a clear precise form

Upon project completion and after successfully passing a written examination participants will receive a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Participant Involvement:

The training will consist of 11 days scheduled during a six month period. Each participant is required to implement techniques
and tools on an approved project that targets substantial benefits to their respective organizations.


Each participant will receive consulting support both in and outside the classroom to assist with the successful completion of their project. It is
anticipated that significant work outside the classroom will be expected in order to ensure maximum results from the student project.


Team Building, Communication and Presentation are additional skills that Six Sigma Students aquire during the class.

Who Should Attend:

Manufacturing and Quality Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Team Leaders, Project Leaders & Program Leaders.

Class Dates:

Session 1:

August 12-13


Session 2:

September 9-10


Session 3:

September 30-October 1


Session 4:

October 28-29


Session 5:

November 18-19


Certification Review:

December 9

Mississippi State University CAVS-E Facility


153 Mississippi Parkway


Canton, MS 39046

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Jill Sellers