Supporting our Communities and Their Businesses

What’s new with Workforce?

  • As we continue to put safety first, Holmes Workforce will soon continue conducting a variety of training to serve our communities and businesses.
  • COVID-19 precautions will be in place. Please bring a mask when visiting our facilities.
  • We are working to EXPAND our ONLINE Workforce course offerings! stay tuned.
  • We are developing course schedules for the fall, but please let us know if you have an immediate training need.

“We are excited to develop an online format for our EPZ training, as well as some computer courses,” Angela Crain says. “Contact me for details.”

“On the Goodman Campus, we will soon kick off our 12th year of Electrical Linemen Training,” Says Mandy Burrell. “This competitive course is interesting
and prosperous. Read more about it here. Contact me today for winter class enrollment.”

Who’s your workforce coordinator? 
Contact your nearest coordinator to find out more about ways we can help train you and/or your employees. For examples of training topics, CLICK HERE.

DIG DEEP: How does Workforce at Holmes work? Watch this video.

Holmes is happy to offer these non-credit based classes that may compliment and enhance your career path! Improve workplace efficiency, communication, & job performance. LEARN MORE NOW!